A step towards the future – One Tree Defence Childcare Unit opens its doors

The One Tree Defence Childcare Unit is open for business and we’ve been greeting new children and getting to know their families. We’d like to extend a warm welcome to all of those who’ve joined us and are now part of our workplace community.

Staff have been working incredibly hard to make the transition as smooth as possible. Over the coming weeks we’ll be welcoming more than one thousand children into nineteen services.

While the services have been shut over Christmas, some services have had some maintenance work, repairs and renovations undertaken. There’s new signage in grey and orange which are the One Tree Defence Childcare Unit colours.

Many staff members have moved across from Mission Australia Early Learning, so children will recognise some familiar faces.

Our new Melbourne office team has been established to support services. This includes the fees and enrolments team that can help with booking and payments. All our educators have just completed a comprehensive induction.

The One Tree Defence Childcare Unit aims to deliver a first-class service. We encourage two-way communication and welcome feedback.

Family members can access Storypark to see what their children are learning.

We know everyone leads busy lives, but we encourage parents to spend time with us at the service. They may want to share an interest, participate in an excursion or read stories.

We look forward to the future and getting to know staff and families and building strong relationships on this new journey.

The Defence Childcare Program is designed to provide childcare to Defence personnel families and local communities.
If you want to enrol your child into a long day care, which include intergrated kindergarten programs, please visit our services page at https://dcu.onetree.org.au/our-services/.
We have One Tree Defence Childcare services across Australia. Please choose the state you live in to see a listing of services for that state.
The One Tree Defence Childcare Unit also offers out of school hours care and vacation care in some areas.
Defence families that need help in finding a long day care, out of school hours care or vacation care can get assistance from our Individual Case Management (ICM) service.
The link to the ICM page is: https://dcu.onetree.org.au/individual-case-management/.