One Tree Childcare Centres are the most mentioned in the Ultimate list of TOP-50 Childcare Centres in WA

We were delighted to discover that five of One Tree Childcare centres were identified in the WA’s TOP-50 childcare centres in the latest issue of the Weekend West (February 1st 2020)

The centres are:

  • Onslow Children’s Service in Onslow, WA
  • One Tree Len Taplin Children’s Service in Port Hedland, WA
  • One Tree Bulgarra Children’s Service in Karratha, WA
  • One Tree Defence Childcare Unit The Sunny Child in Swanbourne, WA
  • One Tree Wickham Children’s Service in Wickham, WA


The online version of the paper stated that “The Department of Defence childcare provider One Tree, whose services are open to defence staff and members of the public, performed extremely well, appearing five times on the list.”

One Tree would like to acknowledge the hardworking efforts of all the staff involved.

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