The One Tree philosophy

The One Tree philosophy incorporates Reggio Emilia and Steiner approaches to early education and care.

It is based on three principles:

1. Our image of the child.

We believe:

  • children are competent individuals and encourage them to follow their own curiosity, interests and capabilities; and
  • it ‘takes a village to raise a child’ –  this includes parents, family and the community.

2. Our environments.

We believe:

  • in up-cycling and recycling materials to support sustainability;
  • local cultures should be reflected at our services; and
  • our services should ‘feel like home’ to support each child’s sense of belonging.

3. Our programming and curriculum.

We believe:

  • that each child’s learning journey should be thoughtfully documented; and
  • that parents and families should be given opportunity to influence the curriculum.

Our philosophy evolves in response to the staff, children, their families and the community’s needs.