The One Tree philosophy

The One Tree philosophy incorporates Reggio Emilia and Steiner approaches to early education and care.

It is based on three principles:

1. Our image of the child.

We believe:

  • children are competent individuals and encourage them to follow their own curiosity, interests and capabilities; and
  • it ‘takes a village to raise a child’ –  this includes parents, family and the community.

2. Our environments.

We believe:

  • in up-cycling and recycling materials to support sustainability;
  • local cultures should be reflected at our services; and
  • our services should ‘feel like home’ to support each child’s sense of belonging.

3. Our programming and curriculum.

We believe:

  • that each child’s learning journey should be thoughtfully documented; and
  • that parents and families should be given opportunity to influence the curriculum.

Our philosophy evolves in response to the staff, children, their families and the community’s needs.

The Defence Childcare Program is designed to provide childcare to Defence personnel families and local communities.
If you want to enrol your child into a long day care, which include intergrated kindergarten programs, please visit our services page at
We have One Tree Defence Childcare services across Australia. Please choose the state you live in to see a listing of services for that state.
The One Tree Defence Childcare Unit also offers out of school hours care and vacation care in some areas.
Defence families that need help in finding a long day care, out of school hours care or vacation care can get assistance from our Individual Case Management (ICM) service.
The link to the ICM page is: