Both Ways Approach

One Tree supports the notion of integrating Indigenous culture and language alongside the Western fields of study known as the ‘Both Ways Approach’. One Tree believes that Indigenous people should retain ownership and control over the development of culturally appropriate ways of working. When working with Indigenous people, One Tree aims to translate and express ideas and concepts in a way that reflects specific Indigenous ways of working and communicating.

In relation to working with Indigenous People, One Tree will:

  1. Work from a ‘Both Ways Approach”, which identifies commonalities and those aspects of non- Indigenous and Indigenous cultures that are compatible.
  2. Focus on empowering Indigenous people in terms of understanding and operating in the Western world.
  3. Respect Indigenous people’s choices and their right to retain and rebuild their identity.
  4. Maintain Indigenous people’s ownership and control over the development of culturally appropriate ‘ways of working’.
  5. Support and stress the importance of expressing ideas and concepts in specific local
    Indigenous ways.
  6. Recognise Aboriginality as a qualification for those working with Indigenous people.
  7. Adapt service delivery and administrative functions to meet the needs of Indigenous groups.


ISO 9001 certified