Environment as the Third Teacher

One Tree believes that buildings ‘speak’, inviting those that work [or live] in them to be certain kinds of people. Buildings [or environments] should be memorable, cared about and have meaning for us. Aesthetics can influence how we feel and act.

The environments we create should commence at the gate, continue along the pathway to the entrance and then within. For disadvantaged or at-risk clients, the physical environment should provide a positive alternative to what they may experience as a part of their everyday lives.

In relation to the environments from which services are delivered, One Tree will:

1. Be clean, well maintained and organised with no clutter or unnecessary visual barriers.

2. Have an air of freshness and serenity.

3. Reflect cultural elements that are important to a community without creating barriers to inclusion.

4. Promote a sense of wellbeing and safety, tranquillity and significance.

5. Support and facilitate continuous learning.

6. Provide places and spaces for meeting and connecting, for networking and quiet contemplation.

7. Reflect the choices made by those that use and work in the building.

8. Provide an invitation to explore possibilities, take on challenges, engage with others and provide opportunities.

9. Reflect the richness of the relationships within, and the history that has passed.


ISO 9001 certified