Our voluntary board of long-standing, experienced professionals provides strategic oversight and governance.

David Beattie

Chairperson (2008 – current)


David brings more than 15 years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer with various commercial organisations. He has extensive experience in general and financial management, corporate governance and commercial activities.
David runs his own financial and management consultancy.

“Although I had little knowledge of the community services sector when I was invited to join the Board, I soon learned how valuable One Tree's services are to the community. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of extending those services and taking them to a wider audience.”

Zeljko Krestelica

Vice Chairperson (2009 - current)

Cert IV (Training & Education),
Post Grad Dip (Social Science - Counselling),
Ba (Philosophy & German Language and Literature),
Dip (German)

With over 9 years of experience in management and team leader positions, Zeljko has extensive skills and knowledge in family and workplace mediation and counselling. Additionally, he has experience working with refugees and cross-cultural issues.

“I remain on the One Tree Board because I can make an individual contribution towards our collective responsibility for improving the lives of our children and strengthening the social fabric of our communities.”

Anne-Marie Connolly

Board member (2003 - current)

Assoc. Dip (Social Science)

Anne-Marie brings 25 years of experience with the City of Perth Child Care Centre where she currently works as the Coordinator. She has been involved in both the Training and Quality Improvement aspects of both long day care and occasional care services in the metropolitan area during this time.

“Being on the Board of One Tree is about making a difference to the services that are not necessarily sustainable through private or government enterprise. I believe it is important that we always have an early childhood perspective on the Board. One Tree is one of the most collegial, proactive and healthy organisations I know.”

Katherine Hoar

Board Member (2014 - current)

Certified In Cultural Intelligence (Cq) Assessment Facilitation, Grad Dip
(Management), B Econ
(Hons - Japanese Studies)

Katherine has over 20 years of corporate international business experience and has held various senior management and specialist roles in the public and private sector. Utilising her expertise in strategy and program development, Katherine has a long history of participating in various committees. Katherine is currently the Principal Consultant at Culture Flex, which provides culturally-informed strategic business consulting and cultural intelligence training.

“I joined the One Tree Board because I believe it is an opportunity to help shape the communities in which we live. I am deeply aware of the early developmental needs of children for their wellbeing and future happiness, believe strongly in the right of all children to have a childhood, and recognise the support all families need in providing this. I am very proud to be associated with One Tree and am constantly inspired by the compassionate, high-quality approach and achievements of the organisation. I look forward to continuing to be a board member as the organisation grows and becomes a valued member of more communities across Australia.”

Gordon Melsom

Board Member (2016 - current)

Post Grad Business,

Gordon has been a CEO in for profit and not-for-profit organisations for over 25 years. He is a former lecturer in management studies at Edith Cowan, Curtin Graduate School of Management and Notre Dame for universities over 13 years and is an experienced coach and mediator.
Gordon currently provides mediation and coaching services through his own consultancy.

“The NFP sector attracts people with a social conscience, who work towards achieving worthwhile goals and do so with enthusiasm and skill. One Tree and its people exemplify those qualities. In particular I am very enthusiastic about the One Tree innovative approach to childcare and the personal development of the children in their care. I also enjoy the dedication and enthusiasm of my fellow directors and the can-do approach to supporting One Tree’s work. “